Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ken Minehan - Director of Photography

Ken Minehan was 'swindled' one weekend in 2005 to help the then very loosely formed Originasian Pictures (with Nic, Chrissie Choo and myself, Randy) to shoot a video in less than 30 hours for the Fly-by-Night Video Challenge organised by The Substation. We won both awards for the challenge and have always wanted to work with Ken again. It was amazing what he did with a Panasonic AG-DVC30 - a fine 3CCD MiniDv camera - which we borrowed from our photographer friend Ming. The production quality through Ken's direction as the DP was what got the audience and the online communities raving about.

Towards the end of 2005 when we were itching to shoot a new project, Ken was the first person that came to mind. He was (and still is) holding a full time job with Apostrophe Films and we knew it was difficult to have him worked on something a bit longer.

As we wanted then to shoot something for the web as we were looking at getting MDA's Synthesis Grant and were pretty sure we will get it. We didn't have a track record in filmmaking but collectively we know what we can do with the web with our experiences in marketing, design and photography. We pitch the idea to Ken - who almost instantly agreed BUT we had to convince his bosses at Apostrophe Films - which we did and they offered his time to us whenever his schedule is clear. Well, the rest was what it is.

I believe that was the start of things to come. We eventually well, decided as a collective that we can try to push this into a full length feature and make it our maiden voyage. There were many first in this project, but none is worth more than the first time that we know what it means to be friends and helping each other to become better than we were before.

The other day as we are preparing our press materials, we were looking for an image of Ken that we can use for his biography. We couldn't find any of him just plainly looking at the camera as we realised he was constantly working.

Always humble and unassuming - his passion for the craft and his belief and trust is just something that moves you. (If he is reading this, he is probably cringing.)

Sometimes, we wish he can take more credit for what he has done - not only for us but also for the times he has worked with the many other filmmakers around. Ken was nominated for the Best Cinematographer award in the Asian Festival of First Films in 2006 for his work on 'Becoming Royston'.

This is a link to Ken's blog where you can read about some of the works that he has been working on.

I personally do hope to work with Ken again... sometime soon... hint, hint.

Beers on! Randy


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