Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pictures from 19 Sept Screening

Above images by Darren Wee

All pictures above by Eulee. More pictures "on the way!"

Picture above by Yumei.

Torun Film Festival 2006, Poland - in main competition...

It's a beginning...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Screening on 19 September - SOLD OUT!

Originasian Pictures re-invents the cinema experience with a special screening of Singaporean film, Becoming Royston.

A special 90min “work-in-progress programme” includes a bare-all talk by the filmmakers and a live acoustic performance by Shirlyn Tan.

19/09/2006 - Singapore’s latest “New Media” outfit, Originasian Pictures, aims to re-invent the cinema experience by accompanying the screening of a work-in-progress short film with a filmmakers’ candid talk. Shirlyn Tan performs the soundtrack live to complete the event.


The cult favourite “Becoming Royston” Webisodes were successfully produced and launched from June 2006 via a feature-rich website conceptualised, designed and developed by Nicholas Chee, Randy Ang, Troy Toon and Wong Ming Fei.

The digital film, shot on High Definition DVCPRO-HD format using Panasonic’s P2 card tapeless technology and edited in-house with Final Cut Pro, was produced in 3 versions – five-part Webisodes of 8 minutes each; a 30-minute short film entitled “Becoming Royston: In 5 Chapters”, and a 80-minute feature-length film (currently in post-production stage).

“Becoming Royston” is the first made-in-Singapore High Definition digital film to fully explore the rich capabilities and possibilities of the digital filmmaking workflow. The film’s portable version was rendered in 3 different formats for playback on the iPod, PlayStation Portable (PSP) and mobile phone (3GPP). From the web to the cinema to portable devices, shooting in High Definition has re-defined “one source, multiple formats”.


Based on a short story “Becoming Capa” written by photographer Tay Kay Chin in 1992, “Becoming Royston” is a story about discovering yourself through your relationships with the people around you. It was re-written by Terence Teo and Nicholas Chee to fit the Singaporean context. The film, produced by April Tong and featuring the cinematography of Ken Minehan, was shot in 13 days.


Working with a virtually unknown cast, it was a steep learning curve for the first time actors, Alvin Neo, Oon Shu An, Maggie Tan, Shirlyn Tan, Tay Kay Chin and William Chua as well as first-time filmmakers, Director Nicholas Chee and Art Director Randy Ang, who also served as executive producers.
Almost 80% of the key members of the production team graduated from Temasek Design School.

Music for the soundtrack was composed by Nicholas Chee performed by Nicholas Chee and Joan Chew and was made entirely in-house with Apple’s Garageband software. The title song “Window” is written and performed by Shirlyn Tan.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rising High for Temasek Design School Alumni!

(L to R) Boi, April, Jolene, Nic, Randy, Chrissie

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tickets to Special Screening

Tickets for the special screening of "Becoming Royston: In 5 Chapters" are almost sold out. Thank you for all the love and support and making the extra effort to purchase the tickets. There are just a few tickets left (less than 10), you will have to go down to The Cathay at Handy Road and purchase them directly from the box office. We have tried to access this online ourselves, please don't count of it. You may wish to call the box office at 67360606 or 67323003 before going down.

If you wish to request for a 2nd screening, please do let us know. Start gathering numbers and pour your request to

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Singapore Dreaming + Becoming Royston + The Teenage Textbook (hidden behind camera)

Dinner with Colin, Yen Yen and Philip (hiding behind camera). Talked about Singapore Cinema. Support your local heroes!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You wanna be Portraits? Casting Call!

I'm planning a series of portraits in line with Becoming Royston, It's always been in the plans. Basically I'm looking at about 30 portraits of folks whom always had an ambition that they have yet to fulfill. You will get to dress up as the "Ambition" but with a "twist". Here's a chance to become the person you've always wanted to be!

More information coming up soon!

Boatman and Boon Huat's Theme

We have started phase 2 of the Becoming Soundtrack. Joan came over and laid down some beautiful violin tracks over the original Ubin Theme. Suddenly I can hear Boatman and Boon Huat's conversation about leaving the island. Beautiful. Oh yes, Garageband rocks!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

'Becoming Royston: In 5 Chapters' Special Presentation