Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We Open 2 August!

You've heard it hear first. Our little crazy project has found a release date. 2nd August 2007 at The Picturehouse. In celebration, we are (finally!) updating the look of our official movie site. There will be a new trailer up, which you will get to see on the screens at The Cathay very soon. Editing some new behind-the-scene footages which will be up on the main site. A contest will follow later in the months. So excuse us as we change over the next few days.

For first time readers of this blog post, Becoming Royston's full length feature will be in the theaters. You can watch about 30mins of the film on the official movie website. Don't 'fred for those who want to catch it in the theaters, there is about an hour more that you have not seen anyway.